Wrapping up 2017

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We have had a great year in 2017!

In 2017 we have had a great number of services, a missions trip to Africa by the Missions Director, Associate Pastor, and the Lead Pastor, several Missionary visits, and so much more.

December Wrap Up

In December we celebrated the birth of Jesus with a Christmas Eve Service, after a month of learning so much more from the Gospel of Mark. If you would like to see the videos of the services you can do so here.

In December we also had the Christmas Offering. The offering from all the area churches sought to donate $65,000 to benefit a local charity, Magnolia House, and an international charity, The Luke Commission. We are so happy to announce that the participating churches raised over $132,000! That is more than double what our goal was! God is good!

Coming Up

What are we going to do to kick off a new year? Take a break from Mark and learn all about prayer! The first service of the new year was Friday Night Service, January 5th, where we learned a great deal about prayer, with so much more to come! So come out and join us in our Praise and Worship, then learn about prayer and speaking with God.

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