Bring on the Water – January Series on Prayer

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Bring on the Water

Bring on the Water

You may be asking yourself, “What does “Bring on the Water” mean?” Pastor Tim does a great job at illustrating that there are barren waste lands in the church, community, county, and country where we live. To combat that the Sermon Series Bring on the Water is all about prayer and speaking with God. This will grow our relationship with Him where he can pour out the living water and come heal our land. To learn more you can watch the sermon, follow the links below, but we encourage you to come join us at The Assembly.

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Week One

To start this year we have been focusing on prayer with our Bring on the Water Series. In the first sermon for January, Pastor Tim covered a great deal, so watch the service here!

Week Two

The second sermon for the series covered a great deal as well, so check out the second sermon here.

Week Three

With the third week service completed we learned a great deal about prayer and talking to God. Because of this we are excited to share it with you here!

Week Four

Our series on Prayer wrapped up this week. We hope that you carry this throughout the year as we continue our walk with God. The service can be viewed here.

Check Back Here – This post will be updated every week with the new sermons. In addition to watching here, you can get notified about updates to the playlist on The Assembly YouTube Channel.

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