March Wrap Up

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March is OVER!

We have had a very busy March this year! We have had several guest speakers such as Pastor Robert (from Uganda), Pastor Dave Cole, Our Own Youth from the Missions Trip to Uganda, and Our Newest Member of The Assembly Staff Steve Karst!

April Fools?

We then wrapped it all up with an Egg Hunt in the Great Northern field adjacent to the church. The service before and after was about God NOT playing a joke on us, by paying for our sins with his life. It doesn’t stop there though! He continued to conquer by raising from the dead! See the service HERE!

Get Connected!

Are you looking to get into a Life Group, part of the Worship Team, Greeters, Ushers, or serve as a mentor in the youth or children ministry? We have just the guy for you! His name is Steve Karst and you can contact him through here!

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